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The form above will recommend the appropriate support resources, such as the common locations below:

Community Forum

Find answers, ask questions, and connect with our community of Precisely users, developers, partners, product teams and support professionals from around the world.

Our community forums are the ideal location to discuss product functionality and how-to questions, ranging from capability questions to coding questions and anything in-between.

Knowledge Base

The Precisely Knowledge Base has more than 20,000 articles. The articles cover troubleshooting and how-to topics across the Precisely product portfolio. These articles are created and maintained by our Support Engineers.

The Knowledge base is regularly updated and refined to ensure you have access to the latest information.

Case Management

Our Customer and Partner portals provide the ability to submit, update and monitor your cases. When we update the case, you’ll be notified, and you can view updates at any time.

Severity 1 Critical Issues must be reported by phone.


For immediate Support needs, we offer direct phone support.  You can find our Support phone numbers by country and product below.

We recommend utilizing phone support for urgent needs, such as production down incidents. For all other needs, we recommend submitting a case via our Case Management portals.

Support Phone Numbers by Country

Before you call, have the following ready to make it easier for us to assist you with your query.

  1. Account details
  2. System information including versions and serial numbers,
  3. Full problem description including logs, relevant error messages, unexpected behaviors, and steps taken.
  4. Business impact of the issue.

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