Last modified: Dec 12, 2022

Precisely MapInfo Pro v2021

Visualize data your way, right away.

What’s new in MapInfo Pro v2021.1 build 33:

Build 33 for 2021.1 released on December 12, 2022 and includes additional important bug fixes:
  • Switched to OKTA log-out URLs instead of the login-helper log-out
  • Work for MIPRO-125150 – WFS Paging : User won’t be able to Enable feature paging again if check-box gets disabled

NEW Time series capabilities enhancements
  • Time Series support for time enabled WMS layers
  • Time Series using Visibility Expression for Raster and Vector layer types

NEW Choose Projection dialog
  • Resizable and searchable dialog
  • Users can search for a specific projection using part of a name, category, datum, or EPSG code, etc.
  • Can set Favorites by selecting the Star icon
  • Shows recently used projections
  • Favorites and Recents are stored in %APPDATA%\MapInfo\MapInfo\Preferences.xml

Coordinate System changes
  • New Datum DB_REF #1030 for Germany
  • New Projection entries added to MapInfo Projection list for Germany
  • New Datum PRS92 #1031 for Philippines
  • New Projection entries added to MapInfo Projection list for Philippines

Expanded file format support
  • We’ve expanded data support to allow you to read and write numerous new file formats right out of the box
  • Supported file types include geopackage, geoJSON, well known text, GML, and more!

NEW Refresh Query option in Sql Dialogs
  • The “SQL Select” dialog has a new checkbox “Update Existing” that is enabled when the query is refreshable. If checked, the column list, group by and order by textboxes are disabled as they cannot be changed. Only where clause can be changed.
  • The “Select By Location” and “Select By Attribute” each have a new “Refresh” toggle button that is enabled when the query is refreshable.

For trial users: The Evaluation Version link below is an evaluation copy with 30 days free. If you decide to purchase a license through our estore you can add your serial number and access code for the full version at the end of the trial period or any time prior.

For existing maintenance customers: Click on the Maintenance Upgrade link below and you will be directed to our estore platform to complete the checkout and download process. You will be able to download both the new v2021.1 version as well as an option for downloading the sample data separately.

MapInfo Viewer: A free read-only version of MapInfo is available in v2021.1 This is part of the normal MapInfo installation where you can choose to install the viewer. This is available in either the Trial or Maintenance links below. Starting from v2021.1 Viewer can work disconnected from MapInfo services.

NOTE: This download includes an installer that allows you to install English, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish version of MapInfo Pro.

If you have a previous build of MapInfo Pro 2021 installed, v2021.1 installer will detect earlier version installed and will upgrade it to version 2021.1

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